Brain Games for Road Trips with Seniors

Do you have an upcoming road trip with your aging loved one? Maybe you’re wondering what you’ll do to pass the time. Unlike the kiddos, your loved one will probably not want to spend hours playing video games or watching videos. Many elderly are more prone to motion sickness so looking at any type of screen or even a book while driving can invoke nausea and headaches. There are lots of memory games you can play with your aging loved one and their elder care provider can as well to keep their mind sharp and occupied anytime there is a long stretch of downtime.

Elder Care Boca Raton FL - Brain Games for Road Trips with Seniors

Elder Care Boca Raton FL – Brain Games for Road Trips with Seniors

Whether it’s a long drive into the big city for an appointment or an actual cross-country road trip, having something to do to pass the time will make it more enjoyable for all. These fun classic spoken games that require no parts or batteries have worked for ages at passing the time and are actually great at exercising many muscles of the brain, such as memory, organization, and creativity. They can be done anywhere, such as if your loved one is waiting in a long line with her elder care provider.

These simple games are perfectly suited for sitting in the car.

21 Questions

The goal of 21 Questions is to guess what the person is thinking within 21 questions. The first person lets the other people know if they are thinking of a person, place, or thing. Once that information is shared, every other person in the game (you only need one other person but you can have multiple people) can only ask questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” answer until they whittle it down to the right answer. If no one guesses within 21 Questions, the first person wins, otherwise, whoever guesses it first correctly is the winner.

First Name – Last Name – First Name

In this simple game, the first person says the name of someone famous. The second person then needs to use the first initial of the last name of the name given as the first initial of the first name of their person. Then the next player continues it. You keep going until someone gets stuck and cannot think of a name that fits the parameters. An example would be: Michael Jordan – Jennifer Lopez – Linda Hamilton. It does seem deceptively easy, but it’s a great game to work on memory and quick thinking.

Eye Spy

While it’s an age-old kid’s game, eye spy can be great to play anytime your loved one is waiting for anything, not just on road trips. She can play it with her elder care provider while waiting for her doctor’s appointment or for her car to get fixed. It’s a simple game of the first player saying “I spy with my little eye, something ______,” and then filling in the color, shape, or another descriptive word that makes it easy for the guesser to choose several options.

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