Did you know that about ⅓ of people who are between the ages of 65 to 74 have some sort of hearing issue? About ½ of those who are 85 or older have some level of hearing loss. For some people, hearing loss is only minimal. However, for others, it can be quite severe.

If hearing loss is something you are concerned about with your elderly loved one, it is important to learn how to spot it early on. In some cases, there is something that can be done to treat the hearing loss. In other cases, your elderly loved one may need assistive devices to help them hear and/or communicate.

Trouble Hearing During Phone Conversations

Elder Care Margate FL - How to Spot Hearing Loss in Your Elderly Loved One

Elder Care Margate FL – How to Spot Hearing Loss in Your Elderly Loved One

When you are talking to your elderly loved one on the phone, do you find that they often ask you to repeat yourself? Maybe they don’t ask you to repeat yourself, but they respond with an answer that doesn’t make sense. This might be due to the fact that they didn’t hear you correctly in the first place. This is one of the first things that family caregivers and elder care providers often notice regarding hearing loss in the elderly.

Trouble During Conversations

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one doesn’t follow the conversations that you are having with them? For instance, do they seem to ignore you when you are talking? Do you find that your elderly loved one seems distracted when you are talking? These could all be signs that your loved one can’t hear you well.

Louder Television

Has your elderly loved one been turning up the volume on their television? Have people complained about how loud the television is when going to your loved one’s home? To your elderly loved one, the television might be barely audible. To others, it might be blaring. If you have noticed that your elderly loved one has the television up really loud, they might have hearing loss.

Saying You Are Mumbling

Has your elderly loved one asked you or their elder care providers to talk louder? Do they tell you that you are mumbling when you talk? If this is the case, it might be that your elderly loved one can’t hear very well. They might be suffering from mild to severe hearing loss.


There are many signs that you can recognize in regard to hearing loss with your elderly loved one. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, be sure that you talk to your loved one’s doctor to schedule them a hearing test. In some cases, there might be treatments to help your elderly loved one. Other times, your loved one might need an assistive device to help them hear better.

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