Ways Elder Care Helps After a Fall

An estimated 36 million older adults fall every year. About 1% of those falls result in a hip fracture that requires hospitalization. More concerning is that 20% lead to a head injury or bone fracture. If your mom has fallen at home, it’s time to consider the different ways elder care services can help her.

Support While Bathing

Elder Care Tamarac FL - Ways Elder Care Helps After a Fall

Elder Care Tamarac FL – Ways Elder Care Helps After a Fall

Did your mom fall while getting out of the shower? Many falls do happen within the bathroom, and the smaller room size and hard surfaces can lead to severe injuries. Rather than risk another fall, have a caregiver there to support your mom while she steps out of the tub.


Companion care services are helpful if your mom likes to get outside for walks. Instead of trying to walk around the yard or neighborhood by herself, her caregiver joins her. She has someone to hold for support when the terrain is uneven or if a dog jumps up on her while she’s walking down the street.

Medication Reminders

Caregivers can remind your mom when it’s time to take her medications. If she gets dizzy after taking them, she has a caregiver on-site to make sure she sits and takes it easy until the worst of the side effects pass.

Housekeeping Services can be Done by Elder Care Aides

Sometimes, the time it takes to do tasks like vacuuming, dusting, making beds, changing sheets, and doing the laundry becomes taxing. If your mom is overexerting while trying to clean her home, it’s time to bring in caregivers to help.

Caregivers can change your mom’s sheets, make beds, change towels, and do all of the laundry. Your mom’s elder care aides can vacuum, sweep, and dust. They can also tidy up and ensure there’s nothing on the floor that can cause your mom to trip.

Meal Preparation

Does your mom have diabetes or prediabetes? If so, she may feel weak or dizzy if she hasn’t eaten in a while. Having a caregiver available to cook meals and prepare snacks for her can be a big help.

Instead of your mom going hours between snacks or meals, becoming dizzy, and falling, she has a caregiver to track the last time she ate. Her caregiver can make sure she’s eating regularly to maintain stable blood sugar levels and avoid falling again.


If your mom has fallen and injured herself, she may not be able to drive until she’s through physical therapy. She can have caregivers drive her to her appointments, take her shopping, and help her run errands.

You don’t have to worry about taking another day of work to accommodate your mom’s follow-up appointments and therapy sessions. The caregiver has it covered and will keep you updated as new appointments are scheduled.

Schedule Elder Care Services That Cover Her Needs

Has your mom fallen or do you worry that she is at risk of frequent falls? Whether she has a chronic health condition that leads to dizziness or takes medications that make her sleepy, make sure she’s supported with elder care services.

Arrange companion care services to ensure she’s not alone. Call our elder care agency to learn more.

Sources: https://www.cdc.gov/injury/features/older-adult-falls/index.html

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