Lifestyle Changes That Lessen the Risk of Heart Disease

Out of every 100 people, approximately 1.4 (women) and 2.4 (men) between the ages of 65 to 74 have coronary heart disease. It increases to 2.8 (women) and 3.5 (men) after the age of 84. Lifestyle changes are one of the best ways to lower the risk. These changes are essential.

Get Daily Exercise

Elderly Care Boynton Beach FL - Lifestyle Changes That Lessen the Risk of Heart Disease

Elderly Care Boynton Beach FL – Lifestyle Changes That Lessen the Risk of Heart Disease

It’s important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Variety is important. If your parents walk each day, that’s a great start, but they should also mix it up with something like swimming once a week, Yoga once a week, and Pilates twice a week.

The goal is to make sure all areas of the body get a workout. The activity has to get the heart rate up. A slow walk around the neighborhood isn’t good enough. They need to walk at a brisk pace if they’re physically able.

Follow a Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, and Low-Sodium Diet

Your parents’ dietary habits may need a drastic change. Processed foods that are high in saturated fats and sugars need to go. Too much sodium is also bad as it can increase blood pressure.

Make sure your parents are eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lean proteins, especially fish and beans, are important. Fiber, antioxidants, and calcium are also vital components in a heart-healthy diet. Get the diet by eating whole grains. Calcium is found in some vegetables, fortified juices and cereals, and dairy items.

Reduce Stress

Stress also impacts your health in many ways. Some stress is normal and can’t be avoided. Your parents shouldn’t let stress take over, however. If they’re always stressed, it’s time to look at ways to lower the stress they feel.

Exercise routines like Tai Chi, walking, and Yoga can help ease stress. Getting the right amount of sleep helps. It’s also important that your parents learn how to manage stress and not let it build up and get out of control.

They should look at the stress they experience. If they’re stressed because they struggle to pay all of the bills, look at ways they can save money. If the stress is due to feelings of isolation, companionship services from an elderly care agency solve that issue.

What if one or both of your parents is at risk of cardiopulmonary health issues? Talk to their doctor about their prescription medications, dietary changes, and exercise goals. Once you know what they need to do, make sure they’re keeping up with the lifestyle changes.

Elderly care is a good way to get started improving their daily habits and routines. Elderly care aides can cook heart-healthy meals, make sure your parents get enough exercise, and help them around the home. By improving habits and reducing stress, your parents will feel better and lower their risk of heart disease and stroke.


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