Five Types of Medication Management Issues and Solutions for Each

One of the aspects of growing older that your senior might dread is managing her medications. Depending on her health concerns, she may be taking more than a few different medications. Keeping all of the instructions straight and making sure that she’s not missing anything essential in her medication routine is crucial and is also part of helping your senior to stay safe. Here are some of the most common issues that you and her home care assistance providers should know about that are likely to affect medication for your elderly family member.

You’re Worried about Medication Interactions

Home Care Assistance Tamarac FL - Five Types of Medication Management Issues and Solutions for Each

Home Care Assistance Tamarac FL – Five Types of Medication Management Issues and Solutions for Each

Medication interactions are nothing to ignore, and that’s exponentially more accurate with each medication that gets added to your senior’s daily list. If your aging family member sees more than one doctor, it’s important that they all know what she is taking so that they can watch for interaction issues. Periodically talking with each doctor and doing a full medication review can also be helpful.

Your Senior Takes a Lot of Over-the-counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications are safe, though, right? In theory, they are safe when taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions. But even OTC medications and supplements can interact and interfere with prescription medications your elderly family member takes. When you’re doing those medication reviews, make sure that you’re including everything that your elderly family member takes to get the most accurate information.

Your Senior Wonders if She Needs Her Medications Anymore

A common situation for anyone who takes medication for a health issue can be that eventually, the person feels much better. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it often leads people to question whether they should still be taking that medication. Your senior should never just stop taking her medication without talking to her doctor about why she wants to stop and whether that’s even advised for her health issues.

Your Senior Is Concerned She’ll Forget Her Medication

Many medications involve taking them in a very specific manner, sometimes at exact times and often with other instructions. The most common instructions can be with or without food, which is a vital instruction to get right. Home health care providers can assist your senior in staying on target with her medications, ensuring that she’s taking them properly and according to their exact instructions.

Side Effects Are Becoming More of an Issue and a Home Care Assitance Aide Would Notice

Another common issue is side effects, even with medications that your aging family member has taken for a long time. Home care assistance providers can assist your elderly family member in tracking her side effects along with other data. This information can be incredibly helpful when you take it to her doctor for follow-up appointments.

Managing your senior’s medications may feel impossible if you’re not able to be there with her. That’s when home care assistance providers may be even more important for your senior as an option to help her stay on target with her medications. Continuing to work with your senior’s medical providers can help all of you to keep up with how her medication is working for her.

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