Home Care: Tips for Dealing with Itchy, Dry Skin

This November for National Healthy Skin Month, it might be a good idea to address anything that is causing your senior to deal with dry, itchy skin. Here are some ideas that can help the condition of dry skin with the assistance of home care providers.

Home Care Deerfield Beach FL - Home Care: Tips for Dealing with Itchy, Dry Skin

Home Care Deerfield Beach FL – Home Care: Tips for Dealing with Itchy, Dry Skin

Consider a Humidifier

One of the biggest issues with dry and itchy skin can be lower humidity levels. That becomes an even bigger concern in cooler weather as humidity levels plummet. Your senior may benefit from having a humidifier running in the rooms that she’s in most often. It can help to have a humidity meter in the room, too, so that you can keep up with what the humidity levels are.

Limit Hot Water Exposure

A hot bath can feel great to your senior’s joints, but it’s not necessarily great for her skin. Hot water tends to draw moisture out of skin, leaving it extremely dry and irritated later. Reducing the water temperature and taking shorter showers and baths can help so very much. If one of the reasons your senior takes longer baths or showers is because it’s difficult, then help from home care providers can make the task easier and help to protect your senior’s skin.

Address Hydration With Help from Home Care Aides

Dry, itchy skin is an external issue, but it’s one that starts inside. Your senior needs to drink plenty of water on a daily basis to keep her body and her skin properly hydrated. If she’s not drinking enough fluids, it can help to find ways to gamify water drinking, say by making it a race or a contest by the end of the day. Home care providers can also be helpful in reminding your senior to drink.

Get Health Issues Under Control

Some health issues can make dry skin a lot worse, especially if your elderly family member is dealing with some of these other factors at the same time. Keeping things like blood pressure and blood sugar at the right levels can help so much. Home care providers can help with this, too.

Choose Soothing Moisturizers

Using a soothing moisturizer after bathing can help to lock moisture into your senior’s skin. Make sure that your senior pats her skin dry instead of rubbing with a towel to reduce irritation. Then thoroughly apply a moisturizer and let it completely soak into the skin.

If your elderly family member experiences further issues with dry, itchy skin, she may have something else contributing to the problem. It’s a good idea to talk to her doctor and rule out any other potential causes.

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