How Home Care Can Help Your Senior with Malnutrition

Malnutrition, or not getting the nutrients that your senior needs, has a huge domino effect for her. It affects everything about her well-being, from emotional health to physical health. As your senior gets older, malnutrition has an even more serious impact on her ability to be and to stay healthy. When your elderly family member isn’t getting the nutrition that her body needs, that affects every aspect of her health and having home care services to oversee the situation can greatly improve her health.

Observing Her Habits and Routines

Home Care Pompano Beach FL - How Home Care Can Help Your Senior with Malnutrition

Home Care Pompano Beach FL – How Home Care Can Help Your Senior with Malnutrition

Your senior may tell you that she’s eating balanced meals regularly, but if you don’t have a way to verify that you might feel stuck. Home care providers can observe your senior’s habits around food to help you narrow down why she may be getting fewer nutrients than her body needs. From there you can come up with a more comprehensive plan.

Tracking Medications, Supplements, and Other Variables

Often medication side effects have a bigger impact on your senior’s desire and ability to eat than she thinks. She may be forgetting to take some medications or supplements even, and that can affect how well her body absorbs the nutrients that she needs. Having someone there removes a lot of guesswork.

Preparing Meals and Assisting with Eating

Another big reason your senior may have trouble getting the nutrition she needs may involve the difficulty in preparing meals and cleaning up after. If your senior is experiencing challenges with eating, that’s a barrier to nutrition, too. Home care providers can assist with all stages of the hands-on food process.

Home Care Aides Offer Companionship During Meals

Something else to consider is how important companionship is for so many people around food. If your elderly family member has always had a tough time eating alone, that probably hasn’t changed much. Having caregivers there with her while she eats can make meals so much more enjoyable. She may also find that it is easier to eat when she has company.

Relaying Information to Your Senior’s Doctor

It’s also important that your elderly family member’s doctor is getting accurate information in order to care for her and ensure that she’s getting the nutrients that she needs. Home care providers are able to work closely with your senior’s doctor to ensure that their office has accurate information. As your senior improves or as other changes occur, that’s easy to update.

Malnutrition can create huge health issues for your elderly family member, so it’s important to address the causes thoroughly. Improving her nutritional intake can tremendously improve your senior’s quality of life.

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