How Long Are Home Health Care Services Needed?

When your mom needs home health care services, how long does she have to have them? Is it a short-term arrangement, or can you have home health care aides available for a lot longer? Take a closer look at what this service offers and how long the services are necessary.

It Depends on the Situation

Home Health Care Lauderhill FL - How Long Are Home Health Care Services Needed?

Home Health Care Lauderhill FL – How Long Are Home Health Care Services Needed?

It’s hard to estimate exactly how long home health care is necessary. If your mom is undergoing chemo and radiation treatments after being diagnosed with cancer, she may need to have supportive nursing care for several weeks.

Your mom had hip replacement surgery, her doctor estimates it will take a week of post-surgical care and then several weeks of physical therapy. After a few weeks, she’ll be ready to go back out of her home to attend additional therapy sessions.

Suppose your mom has just been hospitalized with pneumonia. She can go home from the hospital as long as nursing care is available for IV fluids and medications for the next week. At that point, her doctors say they’ll readdress her needs for skilled nursing.

Another reason your mom may need this service is following a stroke. She needs nurses available to provide IV antibiotics due to aspiration pneumonia. She has a feeding tube for now. She’s going to need physical therapists for several months.

You can hire skilled nursing care services to help with post-surgical care, including wound care. If your mom had heart surgery and needs to learn how to choose and prepare heart-healthy meals, her home care nurses can help out.

What Can Home Health Care Services Offer?

When you arrange skilled nursing care, your mom has nurses available to set up IVs, help with catheters, and address feeding tube feedings and care. Nurses can check her vital signs and let doctors know if her blood pressure is rising, oxygen sats aren’t normal, or her pulse is too rapid or thready.

Your mom’s nurses can draw blood for additional tests, provide wound care, and provide assistance with medication administration. Additional services also include home visits by physical therapists, diabetes education, and other medically-necessary care services.

Home Health Care Time Frames Vary

Some people need these services for a week or two while healing from surgery. Others may need it for weeks or months after an extended illness. The good news is that a specialist works with your doctors to ensure the right level of care is met.

Arrange home health care services after you talk to your mom’s doctors. They’ll advise you about the care she needs, and they often will offer estimates on how long her recovery will take. You can ask the skilled care nurse about pricing and get more information during that call.

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