Patient Monitoring and Home Health Care: How Does It Work?

Your mom’s health has changed as she ages. It’s a common occurrence with aging, but it concerns you anyway. She’s been diagnosed with high blood pressure. She’s gained weight, and her doctor says she’s prediabetic. Plus, tests show her bones are thinning. Your mom’s doctor recommends home health care services for patient monitoring rather than bringing her to the medical office regularly. How do patient monitoring services work?

Nurses Come to Her

Home Health Care Boynton Beach FL - Patient Monitoring and Home Health Care: How Does It Work?

Home Health Care Boynton Beach FL – Patient Monitoring and Home Health Care: How Does It Work?

Home health care services offer one great benefit. When your mom’s blood pressure is taken at her doctor’s office, she’s already stressed. No one is completely comfortable in the doctor’s office, and that increased stress impacts blood pressure readings. It’s a situation known as “White-Coat Hypertension.”

If your mom is experiencing White-Coat Hypertension, home readings from a nurse can give accurate blood pressure readings. Your mom can have her blood pressure taken by a professional at home where she’s relaxed. It gives her doctor better insight into accurate blood pressure readings.

Suppose your mom needs to start checking her blood sugar levels every day. She can have home health care services teach her and the rest of the family how to do that. She’ll work with a professional diabetes nurse in her home and learn what she needs to do for testing and how to prepare meals and snacks that meet her needs.

Your mom’s doctor also wants her to lose weight and strengthen her bones, and that means being more active. To help her gain strength, stamina, and balance skills, she’s been referred to a physical therapist. If there’s an option to have physical therapy sessions at home, it will help with the arrangements.

When therapy sessions take place at home, you don’t have to take time off to get your mom to the medical office. If she has a hard time getting in and out of your lower car, you’re not having to rent a higher car or arrange transportation from a company that has buses or vans suitable for your mom.

As your mom starts to lose weight, her nurses can check her weight and record all of the readings in her medical records for her doctor to see. If any medications need to change or her doctor has additional recommendations, the nurse relays that information.

How Do You Get Started with Home Health Care Services?

Arrange home health care services today. It takes a call or the completion of an online form. Have a list of questions available. It ensures you cover everything you and your mom wanted to know. If you try to come up with questions during the call, you may forget something.

From there, a specialist in home health care will reach out and answer your questions. Once you have answers, you can arrange services.

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