Home Health Care Services That Help Your Dad After a Car Accident

Around 48 million drivers were 65 or older in 2020. That same year, close to 200,000 older drivers ended up in the hospital for treatment following a car crash. Bone fractures, head injuries, and contusions are possible after a car accident. If your dad has injuries, he may not be allowed to go home from the hospital until his doctors know someone will be with him. He hates the idea of a hospital stay, but you can’t disrupt your work, family life, or vacation to stay with him for now. Have you considered home health care services?

Here are five home health care services that ensure he can recuperate at home.

Health Assessments

Home Health Care Tamarac FL - Home Health Care Services That Help Your Dad After a Car Accident

Home Health Care Tamarac FL – Home Health Care Services That Help Your Dad After a Car Accident

Following a head injury, there is a risk of a concussion that has to be addressed. This requires your dad to answer questions every hour or so. His speech needs to be monitored for slurring or other signs of brain trauma. He also needs to avoid sleeping if possible or be woken up every few hours to check on him again.

His nurse can check his blood pressure, assess his mental status, and even take his pulse and check his oxygen saturation levels if needed. This information is recorded in his digital chart for his doctors to review. If something seems off, his doctor can advise the nurse how to proceed.

Physical Therapy

After a bone fracture or severe muscle tear or strain, your dad may need physical therapy. Instead of having to arrange time off to take him to each appointment, his physical therapist can come to his home.

Occupational Therapy

Some injuries may leave your dad with a need for a walker or to learn new ways to navigate his day if he had severe injuries. He may be unable to do small things like button his shirt after a traumatic brain injury. His occupational therapist can come to his home.

IV Medications

If your dad is on prescription pain medications or fluids due to his injuries, his nurses can set up IV lines and administer the medications or infusions at his home. If he fractured his jaw in the crash, he may be getting his nutrition through a feeding tube until his jaw heals. Nurses can help.

Home Health Care Aides Provide Wound Care

Wound care is another service available with home health care. Your dad had cuts from his car’s metal framing or window glass. He has to keep those abrasions clean and bandaged. His nurse has the training to do this. If an infection is apparent, nurses can administer antibiotics without your mom having to return to the hospital.

Your dad should have the support he needs as he recovers. Ask his medical team for tips on his recovery, and make a call. You’ll avoid return trips to the hospital by arranging home health care services.

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