Medication compliance means that your elderly family member is taking her medication the way it’s prescribed, every time she takes her medication. As your senior’s caregiver, it primarily falls to you to help with that task, but there are tools that can make compliance easier for both of you.

Caregiver Tamarac FL - Whacking Medication Compliance?

Caregiver Tamarac FL – Whacking Medication Compliance?

Knowing Your Senior’s Prescribed Medications and Doses

The very first step in ensuring your elderly family member is taking her medication properly is to fully understand her medication instructions. The different medications and dosages may be confusing at first, especially if some medications need to be taken with food and others require an empty stomach. If any of these details are confusing at all, make sure that you ask your senior’s medical team to clarify. They may be able to give you a simplified schedule.

Making Sure Your Senior Can Access Medications

Your elderly family member needs to be able to take medications when it’s time for her to do so. Putting medications into a dispenser on a weekly or daily basis ensures that she’s not having to battle pill bottles, but it’s helpful in other ways, too. You’ll be able to see at a glance whether medications have been taken or not, which allows you to correct any issues a little faster.

Using Reminders Liberally

Reminders of all sorts are incredibly helpful, too. Some medication dispensers have reminder features that you can program, but there are other ways to do this, too. Written reminders on sticky notes are fantastic if those work for your senior’s situation. If automated reminders are more helpful, setting up alarms on a smartphone or using an Internet calendar may all be the way to go. Some people feel better with all of these types of reminders.

Taking Special Care with Medications After a Hospital Visit

If your elderly family member has recently been hospitalized, medication can be both more complicated and more important to get right. Having a caregiver from home health care providers can make that task so much easier. Also, if there are options for IV medications with some of your senior’s medication requirements, she may be able to do that from home instead of having to visit the hospital or her doctor’s office.

Keep a log of anything related to your aging family member’s medication, too. That way you won’t need to try to remember anything and you’ll have easy access to that information when you need it.

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